Hand-dipped Chocolates

Working with the recipes that were used two generations ago, Flesor’s Candy Kitchen has continued a family tradition.

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Paul’s Pecan Favorites

Our biggest seller, Paul’s Pecan Favorites are loved by all. We use large, fresh, crunchy pecans and dollop them with our own creamy caramel.  We hand dip the bottoms, then the tops with Guittard milk, dark, or white chocolate.  Our pecan favorites—made the way our father Paul insisted—look like turtles, and they are just the right size for you to enjoy, one by one by one.

In the old days, we Flesor kids and most of our little buddies were given the job of “setting up pecans” for this Tuscola favorite.  This means making rows of pecan groups—two or three big pecans per “turtle guy”–on the big, marble table.  If you’re a grown-up doing this job, your back starts to hurt about mid-table, but if you are a short kid, setting up pecans (now called “turtle-ing up” by the current generation) is no big deal, especially when you know that you’ll be paid for your work with a chocolate malt or hot fudge sundae.

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Devon’s Divine Divinity

Again, our divinity is made from an OLD, secret family recipe.  We call it Devon’s Divine Divinity because Devon is the main candy maker of the family and, as a former English teacher, she loves  alliteration.  Besides, her sister Ann has a candy named after her.  So there.  And another thing, Devon has figured out how to make divinity when it is raining outside (so many say you can’t), so maybe she’s really is the witch she appears to be when she’s stirring candy with that big wooden paddle in the copper kettle over the open flame.

So many people who come into our store to buy divinity say that it’s hard to find these days.  We hope that you will think ours is almost as good as your grandmother’s divinity was, for we would not presume to say that it’s better than your grandmother’s, our of respect for all grandmothers, of course.

You can order our snowy white divinity with or without a lovely pecan in the center, and we’ll ship it to you in a container that will keep it super moist.  You might need three pounds.  Think about it.

Deluxe Assortment

If you would like to sample just about every chocolate we make, please consider our gorgeous, one pound assortment box. Pieces vary according to availability, but 99.9% of the time you will find a delicious combination of the following……

Butter creams dipped in milk, dark or white chocolate.  Discover some of the following, old-fashioned flavors:  vanilla, chocolate, coffee, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, orange, maple, amaretto, and some seasonally fun ones, too.

Our deluxe assortment also sports Paul’s Pecan Favorites, apricots, raisins, almond clusters, cashew clusters, coconut clusters and delights.  Look for caramels, honey-salted caramels, nougat, and our amazing peanut butter pudding.

Something our repeat customers love is discovering those odd-ball, special pieces that show up in their assortments during holidays.  Let me explain. We Flesor family members and our  long-time employees work stupidly long hours during the holidays, especially around Christmas.  Why?  Because our candy is made BY HAND and we do not use preservatives.  This means that we are in the candy room night and day and night making candy. We have fun (and preserve our sanity) coming up with new flavors and pieces.  Creativity keeps us going and you get to enjoy the delicious results.

Order a one pound deluxe assortment or two pounds for twice the fun! Don’t forget the mailman or your dog groomer.

Butter Creams

All of our creams are butter creams.  We make our own fondant in our biggest kettle and beat in exactly three pounds of real butter per batch for extra yumminess (our grandfather and dad’s original recipe calls for two pounds of butter, but we think they were probably too cheap, God love them, to add more).  We buy top-of-the line, organic flavorings whenever possible to make these old-fashioned, quality confections.  Each cream is hand-rolled and -dipped in luscious milk, dark, or white chocolate.  And, yes, we will consider special requests, such as a unique flavor or a particular chocolate not normally used if you give us some extra time and tell us how great we are.

creamsnewThe following flavors are the ones we have in the cases 99.9% of the time:

  • Vanilla (in milk and dark chocolate)
  • Chocolate (in milk and dark chocolate)
  • Orange (in milk and dark chocolate
  • Lemon (in milk and dark chocolate)
  • Lemon meringue (in white chocolate, sprinkled with coconut)
  • Lemon poppyseed (in white chocolate, sprinkled with poppyseed)
  • Raspberry  (in milk and dark chocolate)
  • Maple (in milk and dark chocolate)
  • Strawberry (in milk and dark chocolate)
  • Coffee (almost always dipped in dark chocolate)
  • Amaretto (in dark chocolate with white chocolate squiggles)
  • Creme de Menthe (in white chocolate)
  • Butter Rum (in dark chocolate with milk chocolate squiggles unless one of the dippers forgets and does the opposite)
  • Key Lime (in white chocolate, sprinkled with graham cracker)
  • Peppermint (in white chocolate)
  • Cinnamon Vanilla (in milk chocolate)

If you have been with us since 2004, you can see that we have greatly expanded our butter cream repertoire.  For the past few years we have also produced seasonal creams—pumpkin, egg nog, peppermint/chocolate twists, cherry, fruit and nut, pistachio, fig, hazelnut, and one or two we may be forgetting.  Again, special orders are possible.

English Toffee

tbbcIf you like toffee, you must buy ours because it’s among the best available anywhere.  We use plenty of butter and just enough chopped walnuts to give it great flavor and texture, crunchy and a little thinner than a typical woman’s pinky finger.

Toffee is available plain, or dipped in milk or dark chocolate.  Small bars are sold by the pound since we cut them in varied sizes with our Grandfather Gus’s long, scary-looking knife.

Butter Nut Crunch

Our toffee cut into smallish squares, dipped in milk chocolate and then rolled in chopped walnuts. This is a premier item; consider eating them in bed.

Honey Walnut Nougat

Does anyone make this anymore? We do, from a recipe older than the dirt in your great-grandmother’s vegetable garden. Nougat is like taffy but a titch harder, and the honey walnut flavor is subtle – just right. Ours has earned the approval of many extremely mature adults in Douglas County, Illinois, so we feel confident that you’ll like it, too. Dipped in milk or dark chocolate.

Fruit or Nut Clusters

friutAnn’s neighbor Missy told us that we “could dip frozen corn in our chocolate and it would taste great,” so if your kids won’t eat their vegetables…

Our clusters are to die for; all our fruits and nuts are of the highest quality and super fresh because we sell them fast, fast, fast. One (thin) customer buys a pound of cashew clusters every Monday. “Just throw them in a bag,” he says, “They’re just for me.”

Try our Raisin, Cashew, Peanut, and Coconut clusters – dipped in milk or dark chocolate. We also offer chocolate dipped Dates and Apricots. So elegant! Lately, we have been making almond/cranberry clusters in white chocolate and dark chocolate almond clusters.  Try one—or both!


From mid-September until Chrismas Eve, someone is making caramel in our candy room every day.  Usually it is Devon, head confectioner, but often stirring is her husband Bob Story, who helps her mightily when he is not at his “real job,” (industrial radiography) the one that pays.

We use real cream and whole milk; real vanilla and a touch of cocoa butter, which is also great for your skin, in case you didn’t know.

Caramel everywhere!  We cut it into squares, we plop it on the pecans for Paul’s Pecan Favorites, and we make kettles and kettles of it for apple-dipping.  We also add honey to it for our honey-salted caramels, one of our biggest sellers.  Without caramel, Flesor’s Candy Kitchen would cease to exists.  It’s our gravy, our glue, our sticky foundation.

Peanut Butter Pudding

Our father, Paul Flesor, was a maniac about his recipe for this delicious candy.  He said that he bought the recipe from some mystery guy for five hundred dollars, which, when we were kids, was a fortune, very impressive.  We use his great recipe and, like that crazy old Greek man who was our father, don’t share it with anyone outside of “the family.”  If you like creamy peanut butter and chocolate—milk or dark—buy these squares in mass quantities.  (Psst.  They’re better than Reese’s, and Reese’s are pretty good.)

Coconut Delights

This piece has a lovely texture-Almond-joyish only fresher. Dipped in milk or dark chocolate. Our hat’s off to Nick, for this one. Have you met our cousin Nick and our other cousin-Nick, and my son-Nick?


(Named such because it looks like the bark of a tree, but “Oh! What a deliciously magical forest!)  We use high quality, fresh nut meats and we keep walnut, pecan, almond, and cashew in stock every day of the year.  We welcome special orders, for we love to experiment.  If you like hot and spicy, ask about “Ponder Bark,” named after favorite customers from whom we take regular orders.


Peanut Brittle, Cashew Brittle and Pecan Brittle—these are the three types that customers demand the most.  We use high-quality nuts and lots of real butter. During the holidays, we put all three types in tins and send them out to folks all over the country.  (Special shout out to Devin in Cali!  How many pounds this year?)

Pecan Logs

Remember driving across the country and stopping at Stuckey’s – the gift shop/diner/gas station with the blue roof? They made a fortune selling Pecan Logs. Our old-fashioned pecan logs are more elegant and a perfect holiday gift. Inside is creamy white with just a hint of maple flavor. We dip the cream roll in caramel, and when it’s still hot enough to be dangerous, we cover it in the finest pecans available in the confectionery industry.

Incredible shelf life – provide us with an address and we’ll be happy to send some to your loved ones abroad. At Easter time, we make pecan eggs instead of logs – but they’re the same gooey loveliness.