Sticky Summer Days

The drought finally appears to have passed in Central Illinois, for our mean cousin, Humidity, has us in his clutches. But without him, no gorgeous garden flowers that we like to put on our tables at the store. So we embrace you, Sticky Summer Days. Thank you for so many large zucchinis that, like litters of abandoned kittens, are left at our store.

(We’re thinking about writing our own zucchini cook book, having dealt with so many squash donations over the years. We have yet to dip our veggies in chocolate, but we don’t rule it out.)

Particularly gratifying and interesting this summer on our corner in Downtown Tuscola are the number of “first-timers” we have had the pleasure of hosting. If they are from the surrounding area, I usually ask them what rock they’ve been living under that kept them from coming in. When we’re able, we lead these folks around our three buildings (two of them still new for us), showing them the wall of free books, the new art in the meeting room (thanks to Dick Gallagher), and the goings on in the candy room. And like the crazy Greek restaurant owners from Saturday Night Live archives, I drag my daughter and/or son forward to show off their amazing skills—a move that will undoubtedly result in them dropping me off at The Home sooner than I’m ready.

But since retirement is still a fuzzy abstraction, Ann and I want you to know that we are thrilled by your support and that we want you to book MORE private parties, and order MORE candy for events, and use us for MORE fundraisers, and schedule us for MORE luncheon tours and bus tours and children’s tours. At Flesor’s Candy Kitchen, we love to serve you delicious homemade ice cream, and food, and candy. We love to chat and show you what we do. And, we love to hear your story, too.

Yours in Chocolate,

Devon Flesor Story
–the younger one with the longer nose.