On the Corner of Main and Sale

Flesors 003Hello, all.  I decided that it was time to create a more personal and more frequent communication with our customers and friends. To that end, I shall share our stories and thoughts on the new blog, “On the Corner of Main and Sale.” Please share your comments with me at ann@flesorscandy.com.  While I may not answer each one personally, I shall attempt to share your ideas and thoughts as much as possible.

Yesterday we had the first snowfall of the season. Big, fat, flakes and we all—customers and staff—took a minute to just stop and take in the beauty. Of course, in January we shall moan and groan and wish for balmier days, but the snow was the perfect backdrop for our holiday season at Flesor’s.

We are in the throes of the celebrations. My sister and I are feverishly making candy to fill our corporate, internet, and personal orders.  Our staff is just amazing and our intrepid Sarah is leading the charge to ensure that all is well out in the front of the shop.  I am nestled in my “dipping den,” and my sister, Devon, has chained my to the chocolate table—not really, but some days it seems that way! Our candy team has been blessed with additional angels this year who have appeared at the door with skills and enthusiasm and that has made our time together really pleasant.

The shop is beautiful and it has been a town effort to make it so. In addition to our own staff, Bill and Sarah have decorated the windows (and downtown) and one very special customer has crafted the most intricate wooden sleigh and reindeer, a work that brought us to tears of wonder and joy. Please check out our Facebook page for that.

We have all been sharing our stories of Christmases past; do you have any about Tuscola or the Candy Kitchen in particular that you would like to share? Please send those along.

Closing for now; must get to work.
Sweet days to you.