New Year, New Holidays

Hello Friends of Flesor’s Candy Kitchen,

Ann and I and our staff somehow “lived through Christmas,” and just when we are feeling human again, another candy holiday is upon us.  Chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate baskets, and heart-shaped boxes bursting with your sweetheart’s favorites are at the center of our pink and red world right now.  We are also excited about the reservations coming in daily for this Saturday’s Valentine’s dinner—an event we hope will be the best ever now that we have tons of space and seating.

Many, many groups are booking private dinners and meetings in the two “new” buildings we have extended our business into this past year.  Lawyers, health professionals, truck drivers, church folk, the extremely pregnant and the disgustingly athletic have ordered up special dinners and more.  We’re booking open houses and birthday parties; the Kiwanis have decided to meet every Monday, and busses full of elders continue to stop by on their way to Amish land or the mall.

We love our new rooms, especially “the library” which contains a long wall of books, some from our homes, but most brought in by customers.  They are free.  It’s a book exchange, of sorts.  But you don’t have to give and you don’t have to take.  In fact, more are giving than taking, which is really interesting.  Ann and I have always wanted books in the store because we love them.  We also own too many and we are getting older by the minute.  We cannot continue to move them from this home to that.  If you have hundreds of books in your home, you understand what I am talking about.

Ignore the odd weather this winter and come to see us soon.  We have a bigger menu now, too, so you will need to check that out.

Now I must dash, for the candy will not make itself.

Your confectioner,