Mother’s Day Buffet

Dear Friends of Flesor’s Candy Kitchen:

We’ve been working the corner of Sale and Main for almost 14 years now, and we are amazed and gratified that folks in Illinois are still discovering us. Flesor’s Candy Kitchen has been showcased lately in a couple of Illinois-based publications.  As a result, sales have escalated and my jaw hurts from chatting up the newbies.  Thank you, older couples from “south of Newton”; Thank you, Julie Hardy, bus-bringing elf; Thank you, freshly tattooed young people; Thank you, Amish Country explorers; and, thank you, regular customers, who keep our lights on throughout the year.

Once again, we are looking forward to our HUGE Mother’s Day buffet……prime rib, ham, turkey, veggies, salads, desserts and more.  It is reservation only, so please call us at 217.253.3753 right away before we fill up completely.  Our customers tell us that they like coming to Flesor’s Candy Kitchen on special holidays because they don’t have to wait in line, fight traffic, or put up with people wearing pajama bottoms.

Another way we have become “popular” is as a perfect place to have bridal and baby showers, birthday celebrations, business meetings and trainings, class reunions, motorcycle club stops, holiday parties, book and garden club lunches, Shriners’ club dinners, weekly Kiwanis club lunches, Future CEO breakfasts, post-memorial service gatherings, and graduation parties.  You name it; we’ll help you figure it out.  Need a talk and candy-room tour? We do that all of the time, too.

And speaking of tours…..It’s time to run.

Yours in chocolate,

a sister
a mom