It’s March!

Dear Friends of Flesor’s Candy Kitchen,

My husband Bob just took the candy paddle out of my hand as I was about to pour cream into my kettle for a massive batch of turtles, so I have decided to use this “break” to briefly check in with you.

It’s March!  And we know what that means in America:  March Madness Basketball and….Flesor’s Candy Kitchen Turtle Madness Sale!  Every March in our shop in Tuscola, Illinois, we reduce the price of our Paul’s Pecan Favorites—our version of the turtle.  Usually, a pound of the caramel-laden, crunchy, chocolaty wonders are $22.95, but in March, if you toddle into our store, you can get a pound for ONLY $17.95.  Holy Smokes!

Other fun stuff happens in March in Tuscola, such as Donna Kidwell’s big antique sale here in town.  It’s the first Friday and Saturday of the month, and in honor of old things, we have put a few antiques in our front window to encourage fun conversation.  For instance, I dusted off a bunch of old cigar boxes that were left in the building years ago when our grandfather Gus sold cigars.  As kids we used the boxes for our bug collections, but now, I guess, they’re worth money.  I just like looking at them and remembering the cigar smell that wafted around our place.  Cigars and one shot of whiskey a day—the key to a long life for old Gus.

Once this past year I was outside on my hands and knees, scrubbing the “Flesor Bros.”  tile on our front entrance, when I smelled cigar smoke.  I looked about, but no one was there.  Then I said aloud, “Hi, Grandpa” and I smiled.  And I kept on scrubbing.

Hope to see you soon!

Yours in chocolate,
Devon Flesor Story