February 14th is almost here!

In December at Flesor’s Candy Kitchen, sometimes it feels like we have too many (delightful ALL) friends, and in January, we are bereft… friendless. What a shock it is in THE LAND OF RETAIL to witness empty parking places, empty booths, empty cash drawers. One would think that after 14 years, we Flesor people would have grown a thick winter skin, but alas…… Yes, we know that everybody is BROKE AND FAT after Christmas, and, oh, it is thirty degrees below and the roads are perilous. But why won’t you buy a two-pound assortment box? Or invite the entire congregation or staff out for lunch?

At Flesor’s Candy Kitchen, we clean a lot in January (I dare any surgeon to set up in our bathrooms). We also rest. We also plan………..our Valentine’s Menu! Plan…….our new products for Valentine’s Day! Plan……..our “away-from-the-mother ship” sales for Valentine’s Day! When the weather cooperates, Valentine’s Day is a fun, sexy, exciting candy store/restaurant holiday. We live for it!

Flesor’s Candy Kitchen will be on hand at Tuscola High School on February 2 for the IDTA Regional Dance Competition. Fourth generation confectioner and TCHS Senior Paul Nau is looking forward to offering sweetness to the hundreds of girls attending the event. We will donate twenty percent of the proceeds to Sarah McCrory’s Tuscola “dancing girls,” and much of the quality food being offered by the lunch ladies are being purchased, wholesale, from us, so the dancers win in a couple of ways. Support them with us on February 2!

Another off-site candy sale we have planned takes place on Wednesday, February 13, in the main lobby at Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital between Charleston and Mattoon. Why? Nurses and doctors and hospital support staff are some of the most chocolate-loving humans on the planet. We love that. We will have chocolate-covered strawberries, peanut butter hearts, lovely heart boxes, red gummies, honey-salted caramels, fancy caramel apples, and more for staff and visitors. Again, twenty-percent of total sales will support the hospital’s mission to bring care and hope.

On the BIG DAY, February 14, we will have too many candy choices to count in our beautiful store in Downtown Tuscola. Even cooler, we’re having an elegant buffet dinner from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. We would like you to consider making reservations since you just might love gigantic shrimp cocktail, succulent prime rib, real mashed potatoes, chocolate-covered strawberries. That is just a small part of the menu, but you get the idea. Call us ASAP, so we know that you’re thinking about coming (we won’t turn you away without reservations, but we’re a family place with a grocery bill to plan!). Feel free to get dressed up and bring your own bottle of wine……or not. Our phone number is 217.253.3753. The meal price is $36.00 a person and includes tax and beverages, but not a tip. Try getting out of a decent Champaign restaurant for under $100 for the two of you that night! If you have children 12 and under with you, golly gee whiz, their meals are ½ price. So there.

Last thought for February…………..maybe. Flesor’s Candy Kitchen is a fine place to hold a business meeting that involves or doesn’t involve food. We open at 6:00 a.m., close at 5 p.m. but we’ll stay open for you at night if your group is large and we like you. We also can handle church and motorcycle groups. Post-funeral gatherings, pre-wedding and pre-baby parties, weddings, divorces, musical events, poetry readings, sales pitches, training sessions……we have three attractive buildings, great food and service, nice tablecloths, clean bathrooms, and free entertainment. What’s not to love? CALL US!

Thanks for tuning in. Kiss them for us.

Yours in Chocolate,
Devon and Ann
The Flesor Sisters