Days are Getting Warmer and Sunnier!

Dear Friends of Flesor’s Candy Kitchen:

Thank God March is here because my sister and I and our entire staff are ready to be busy after two months in Dullsville. Frigid temps in January kept customers away, but we were here…trying not to eat everything in buildings full of candy and food. And, really, how many floors can a woman scrub before Cinderella complex sets in? (Save me, kind sir! I’m bored out of my mind!) Sure, Valentine’s business was excellent and we appreciate all of the fanfare (thanks, WCIA), but Valentine’s is all February has to offer.

Fortunately, now the days are getting warmer and sunnier, and our old friends and new friends are visiting little Tuscola, Illinois, once again. Every day we are making Paul’s Pecan Favorites (our version of the turtle) for our annual Turtle Madness sale that takes place March 1st-31st. Easter is also upon us on April 1, early this year, so we’re cranking out chocolate bunnies and baskets and laying eggs all over the place.

My sister Ann has encouraged me to write to all of you more often, so I’m going to give that a try. I have so much to share about what we do here at Flesor’s Candy Kitchen that it’s sometimes hard to start. I do realize that what we do here is special, unique, odd, and maybe even crazy and that some people (poor things) might enjoy reading about it. So check in with us now and then.  I might share an old recipe or a spooky observation.

Your confectioner,

Devon Flesor Story