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Dear Friends of Flesor’s Candy Kitchen:

It’s so nice of you to check in with us now that we turn our attention to the holidays. My
sister Ann and I and our loyal crew have had a crazy/busy 2018 on the corner of Mainpicture of flesor's candy cases from behind the soda fountain
and Sale in Tuscola, Illinois. We’re running faster than ever, hosting breakfast, lunch, and an increasing number of private parties. Visitors have discovered that we are in three buildings now and that they’re so comfortable in the atmosphere we have created. This year, more bus travelers planned visits–to get a dose of history and humor–and to see what goes on in our candy room. Also in 2018, more folks driving up and down I-57 and Route 36 found their way to our shop Downtown and to other shops that have sprung up and spruced up in Tuscola.

For Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018, Ann and I have decided NOT to raise prices on
our candy even though the quality is superb and the amount of labor needed to make it
is……..ridiculous. Yes, it’s still hand-made from 100-year-old family recipes, and we
don’t and can’t make it months ahead. The work is hard and only the strong and strong-
willed survive. In fact, we have learned this year that several small-batch confectioners
like us have closed their shops (turned their crocks into planters; their kettles into
firewood holders). And while this is extremely sad and unfortunate, Ann and I have
drawn strength from the news and are determined to make tons (literally) of candy in the
weeks ahead. We can do it!!!!

We thank you for being our customers and cheerleaders. Happy Thanksgiving! Merry
Christmas! Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and Boxing Day and all of the rest. Give us
a call between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily at 217.253.3753 if you have questions or special
needs. We’ll do our best to make you happy.


Your confectioners,
Devon and Ann
The Flesor Sisters