Flesors Candy Kitchen

Dear Friends of Flesor's Candy Kitchen,

Spring is fighting to get to Central Illinois, and before we know it, crocuses and daffodils will be blooming in our gardens.  Easter is early this year.  On April 5th we'll be celebrating life with savory food and beautiful, sweet candies.

And as we work in the candy room at our store, we share Easter memories.  My sister Ann and I laugh about our home-made dresses and recall that, when we were young, we always wore hats and gloves on Easter Sunday.  I recently learned that, when she was a teenager, Ann attended one sunrise service in her nice spring coat, wearing just a slip underneath.  Oh my!  So if you ever see her wearing a coat indoors, I encourage you to check underneath.  And speaking of slips, what happened to slips?

Gone are slips and gloves, but, fortunately, the well-hidden baskets from our youth are still an important part of the Easter holiday. Lucky for us, and you, at our store in Tuscola, Illinois, we are exactly re-creating the candy we received as kids decades ago.  My favorite is the milk chocolate-dipped, peanut butter egg.  No Easter is “real” for Ann without a solid, dark chocolate bunny.

Now that Flesor's Candy Kitchen has been re-opened for over ten years, our candy has become a part of Easter traditions for hundreds of families and friends.  We are so proud and grateful.  We also want you to know that this year, for some reason, we are more energized than ever (I credit our great employees) to create new Easter products and to jazz up the old tried-and-trues. Yes, our candy is always fresh and we use top-of-the-line ingredients. You can taste that.  But we also believe that the joy we feel and the old, loving spirits in our building somehow get into our products as well.

Have a blessed Easter and a happy Spring!

Your confectioners,

Devon and Ann
The Flesor Sisters

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