Flesors Candy Kitchen

Dear Friends of Flesor's Candy Kitchen,

We don't care what the temperature is or how much snow or ice is decorating the fields.  At Flesor's we are DONE with winter.  We have had enough. 

We are starting to lay eggs¡ªEaster eggs, that is.  And we are melting chocolate for bunnies and ducks and lambs and crosses.  Yes, Easter is late this year¡ªApril 20, but at least “regular” Easter and Greek Easter are the same Sunday, so we can take care of all of our Christian customers in one fell swoop.
We're going to make more peanut butter eggs this year, since we could barely keep them in stock last year and we will continue the tradition of writing your kids' and other loved ones' names on eggs, so get your requests in early for that.  Such fun!

We are thrilled at Flesor's that sister Ann's dissertation is in the final stages (the profs loved it!), so she will be able to join us in the candy room without stressing out about her chapters calling from home.  The only interruptions in the near future are school plays, band contests, spelling bees, and home remodeling¡ªbut these are joys that Spring brings. In the meantime, we will get down to the serious business of making candy and coming up with new ice-cream flavors.  Isn't life grand!

Come see us soon in little, but growing, Tuscola, Illinois.

Happy Easter!

Devon and Ann
The Flesor Sisters

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