Flesors Candy Kitchen

Dear Friends of Flesor's Candy Kitchen,

If you are one of the millions of Americans enduring our abnormally early, serious winter, you need something sweet this 2014 holiday season. Enjoy and share delicious confections made by hand at Flesor's Candy Kitchen in Tuscola, Illinois.

After ten years back in the family business, Ann and I and all of our family members and employees feel sure that we know what we're doing—covering with caramel, dipping in chocolate, packaging in festive cuteness.  We are a small but mighty band of confectioners, and we feel that we know our customers well and respond to their individual tastes.  Look over our on-line selection or call us at 217-253-3753 to place your order. 

And at this time of year when you might be missing departed or absent loved ones, please realize that people who care live and work in Tuscola, Illinois, and that people like us populate your town or city, too.  Reach out to others this year.  Love and allow yourself to be loved.  Why not?

Merry Christmas!

Devon and Ann
The Flesor Sisters

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